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Absolutely the Most Effective Way to Elevate Workers' Compensation Cash Flow

In the intricate network of Health Systems, managing the revenue cycle for Workers' Compensation claims requires a nuanced approach. Unified Health Services specializes in providing comprehensive Complex Claims solutions that cater to the diverse and interconnected components of the revenue cycle of Health Systems.
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Our solutions are tailored to streamline your revenue cycle management process, enhance workflow efficiency, and improve financial outcomes for your Complex Workers’ Compensation revenue cycle claims.
  • Streamlined Complex Workers’ Compensation Claims Processing
  • Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management
  • Comprehensive Payment Compliance Support
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Innovative Approach

Solutions that Scale

Unified Health Services (UHS) solutions are meticulously designed to tackle the unique challenges of managing Workers' Compensation claims, delivering solutions that bolster efficiency, compliance, and financial performance for healthcare providers.

End-to-End RCM

Our all-encompassing RCM solution enhances financial outcomes of Workers’ Compensation claims and the experiences for both medical providers and injured patients.

Dedicated In-House Operations

Guarantees top-tier patient access and revenue cycle staff, , providing consistent and compliant revenue cycle service delivery through domestic operations.

State Knowledge

Mastery in managing Complex Workers’ Compensation claims across various state jurisdictions, assuring payment compliance.

Eligibility Verification

Precisely verifies patient eligibility for Workers’ Compensation claims, minimizing billing errors and delays that are common to Complex Claims.

Treatment Authorization

Manages benefit and treatment authorization requests efficiently, ensuring billing compliance with diagnosis codes and authorization dates to assure a high first pass claim submission and low payment denial rate.


Automates billing claims for Workers’ Compensation injuries, making the revenue cycle payment process more efficient and accurate.

Accounts Receivable Management

Evaluates payments against state Workers’ Compensation fee schedules, maximizing revenue while managing denials redetermination and appealing underpayments made by the payer leveraging

Technology and Service Integration

Merges the latest proprietary technology related to robotic process automation and artificial intelligence used in the revenue cycle with expert staff to modernize workflows to increase cash flow and reduce unpaid accounts to avoid bad debt.

High First Pass Rate and Increased Collections

Speeds up cash flow by automating claim submission with attachments and enhances financial performance by reducing the number of days to claim submission, payment lags, and accounts receivable.

How It Works

Send your ANSI X-12 837 Complex Workers’ Compensation claims with attachments to UHS via any claims clearinghouse and receive an ANSI X-12 835-remittance file that can seamlessly be auto-posted to any Electronic Medical Record or billing system. We customize the implementation process and ongoing collaboration based on customer preferences, instilling confidence in our revenue cycle management services.

The UHS offering includes an Early Out bad debt product and a complete End-to-end Revenue Cycle Management solution.

Key features include the following:

  • Eligibility Verification
  • Benefit Determination
  • Prior Authorization
  • Billing
  • Contract Compliance
  • Accounts Receivable Follow Up
  • Denial Management
  • Payer/Employer Financial Engagement
  • Cash Management – ANSI X-12 835 & ACH Payments

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Tailored to Your Needs

Each revenue cycle solution is customized to fit the specific requirements of your health system, hospital, medical group, or ambulatory surgery centerpractice.

Expertise and Experience

Benefit from over 25 years of specialized knowledge in Complex Workers' Compensation revenue cycle management solutions.


Utilize our advanced technological solutions to streamline your revenue cycle management processes.

What Our RCM Clients Say

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    "UHS has already been implemented in other markets for our company, and the feedback was very positive. We avoided the typical delay of evaluating vendors and were implemented in less than 60 days."

    Corporate Business Office Director

    Surgery Center
    Corporate Business Office Director at
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    "We first partnered with UHS because they are highly knowledgeable about collections for workers’ comp. The other driver for partnering with UHS is because it reduces our overhead. We are in a high-cost labor market and the ROI has exceeded our expectations."

    Corporate Business Office Director

    Surgery Center
    Corporate Business Office Director at
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    "Unlike most of our third-party insurance, workers’ comp still involves a lot of paperwork, which has been a challenge for our staff working remotely. We have enough bandwidth to manage the other Complex Claims in-house."

    Manager Enterprise Business Office/Revenue Cycle Manager

    Health System
    Manager Enterprise Business Office/Revenue Cycle Manager at
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    "UHS agreed to take on all the follow-up, recovery, and appeals processes for workers’ comp. Essentially, UHS was able to oversee all of the legwork for the workers’ comp collection cycle from start to end. We are getting paid more quickly and have reduced bad debt."

    Manager Enterprise Business Office/Revenue Cycle Manager

    Health System
    Manager Enterprise Business Office/Revenue Cycle Manager at
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    "A key strength of UHS is their expertise and knowledge in workers’ comp. Workers’ comp is a hard business line for us because it is complicated and difficult to keep up with the payer rules in our state. Employee turnover and satisfaction were becoming an issue for us. UHS now manages workers’ comp, and that works well for us."

    Director, Revenue Cycle Denials, Regional AR and SBU's

    Health System
    Director, Revenue Cycle Denials, Regional AR and SBU's at
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