Change Healthcare Cyberattack No Impact to Operations

March 12, 2024
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Memphis, TN: March 11, 2024, the recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare, a subdivision of UnitedHealth, has rocked the medical billing and payment industry, delaying insurance payments to countless providers nationwide.

Per the Washington Post, an American Hospital Association representative called the breach “the most significant attack on the health-care system in U.S. history.” The Post describes Change Healthcare as “the largest electronic ‘clearinghouse’ in the business,” which reportedly manages half of all medical claims nationally.

However, Unified Health Services clients can rest assured that none of Unified Health Service’s operations are affected by this ongoing threat, nor has any Unified Health Services data been compromised in any way.

Change Healthcare Attack: What We Know

Unified Health Services (UHS) has indicated that no claims submitted to workers’ compensation payers from UHS are being sent through Change Healthcare. UHS indicated that they submit claims either directly to the payer or use other third-party clearinghouse solutions for claim submissions. UHS further indicated that other ANSI X12 transactions received from Change Healthcare in the past are routed to UHS through other clearinghouses or direct connections. UHS is continuing to provide expertise and technology to its customers with no disruption in service.

Michael Reece, CEO for UHS said, “having multiple trading partners is a requirement in how we do business today. There are far too many issues facing the market today to limit ourselves to any one vendor. We believe this is a good approach for both UHS and the providers we work with today to assure business continuity.”

UnitedHealth maintains that the attack affected neither Optum nor any other UnitedHealth Group entity outside of Change Healthcare. In a statement to TechCrunch, UnitedHealth specifically addressed Optum: “Based on our ongoing investigation, there’s no indication that except for the Change Healthcare systems, Optum, UnitedHealthcare and UnitedHealth Group systems have been affected by this issue.”

UHS also indicated that no security issues have been detected with claims being distributed to any clearinghouses. If technical problems at a clearinghouse prevent the successful transmission of any ANSI X12 transactions, UHS’s software automatically submits the bill directly to the claims administrator using an alternative method which in some instances includes direct connections, fax, and mail when needed. UHS will continue to monitor for updates to this story. 

UHS reduces the administrative cost of managing the revenue cycle for workers’ comp claims and increases the cash flow for their customers increasing their revenue from between 7 to 10% per provider customer. To learn more about UHS please contact UHS directly for more information.

About Unified Health Services

Since 1997, Unified Health Service (UHS) has risen to the forefront of offering innovative technology and service solutions that improve financial results for hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), and health system providers throughout the United States by elevating cash flow from complex claims. UHS is dedicated to forging enduring partnerships based on trust and integrity, with a team committed to providing transparent services, meticulously tailored to meet our clients’ unique requirements.

UHS’ success in collecting billions in workers’ compensation receivables has significantly increased cash collections for providers nationwide. Their proprietary technologies and methods are engineered to automate complex workflow challenges, ensuring effective management of fee schedules, payment regulations, and appeal procedures for workers’ compensation across all fifty states. 

This expertise not only boosts collection yields and reduces accounts receivable days but also substantially lowers operational expenses and minimizes the volume of unpaid claims. At the core of our success is a solution offering a return on investment (ROI) capable of generating significant financial benefits for our clients. Our hands-on approach and steadfast dedication to excellence have led to high client satisfaction levels, reinforcing our role as a trusted healthcare industry partner. With UHS, providers can anticipate a partnership that addresses their immediate financial needs while also bolstering their long- term success through enhanced financial health and operational effectiveness.

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